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Stronger For Longer

Our products are all-natural supplements designed to help men and women achieve optimal sexual health.


Picture of bottles of BCP Rooster Booster male libido support and BCP Henergy Female Libido support


Rooster Booster and Henergy are All-natural


Designed to Help Men and Women Achieve Optimal Sexual Health.

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Rooster Booster

Rooster Booster

All natural, patented formula clinically demonstrated to support cardiovascular health, help restore hormonal balance and increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a well-researched hormone, critical to men’s health. This hormone is responsible for body hair, muscle structure and bone health

The Best in Men's Health Product

Henergy is a proprietary herbal blend, designed to support women's libido. The botanical composition supports healthy adrenal function, and increased circulation to the extremities, including the sex organs.

​Low sex drive isn't exclusive to men only, many women struggle with fatigue and hormone imbalance, especially during their "transitional phase" of life.


The Best in Women's Health Product

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bottle of BCP Supplements Henergy female libido support dietary supplement

Thomas M  - 49

"After using Rooster Booster for six months, my testosterone has gone up 398 points! Needless to say this has helped improve all aspects of my male health. I am extremely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it"

Eric S  - 51

"I tried Rooster Booster for a weekend that I was going away with my wife. It was just one week after using it and I noticed improved “male function” so to speak, and recovery time was much better!"

Bryan S - 53

"I’ve been feeling stronger in the gym and have noticed increased performance in the bedroom as well. I would highly recommend  Rooster Booster."

Jon M  - 57

I was looking for something natural that would help me feel vital again which is why I turned to Rooster Booster. After a month of use, my levels went up 100 points compared to my previous results. Definitely notice in the mornings as well!


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All BCP Products are Proudly Made in the USA

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