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Henergy is a proprietary herbal blend, designed to support women's libido. The botanical composition supports healthy adrenal function, and increased circulation to the extremities, including the sex organs.

​Low sex drive isn't exclusive to men only, many women struggle with fatigue and hormone imbalance, especially during their "transitional phase" of life.

Henergy is a proprietary herbal blend, containing all natural ingredients designed for increased circulation to the extremities, including the sex organs. In an evaluation using Henergy, 12 of 17 women (71%) who responded to a survey reported they had a greater interest in sex. Of the twelve positive survey responders, ten said they were more easily aroused, eleven indicated more pleasure with sex, eight reported an improved ability in achieving an orgasm, and five reported increased intensity of orgasm. Some patients on SSRI’s, which have a known effect on libido, have found Henergy to be very helpful in optimizing sexual desire, increasing sensitivity, and providing a boost of energy. With Henergy, you can experience enhanced sexual health and improved overall wellbeing.


The Best in Women's Health Product

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